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Accueil Gas-Loading On Tank Circulation

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What does gas-loading bring?

“Gas-Loading” means, in polyurethane field, the mixing between gas and one of both foam making raw material. Generally, the polyol is chose because gas-polyol dispersion is very more stabile than with isocyanate. Gases often used are nitrogen, dry air or even CO2.

In addition, finish foam properties are enhanced. Because of the presence of many micro-bubbles, cellular structure organisation is improved and as a consequence mechanical properties.


Working principle of the LED Nucleator LED26Nx:

It works in separed recycling, circulating the product to be gas-loaded from day tank outlet to flow back to this same day tank at the cycle end.



- Raw material saving.
- Cheap expansion agent (CO2 or air).

- Finish-form lowering.

- Parts weight reduction.


- Nucleated polyol low viscosity enhances the mixing quality.
- Optimum cavity filling up of the modelling tool.
- Foam properties increased.
- Density closed-loop control.

Technical characteristics:

Flow rate max. : 26 L/min
Viscosity : Polyol 100-2500 mPas at 20° C
Gas supplying: 40 bar minimum 60 bar maximum
Power supply : 400 V 3-phase 50 Hz 20 A
d.c. control voltage : 24 V DC
Dimensions (L x l x H) : approx. 1570x900x1600


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