Today, for almost process applications, it's necessary to guarantee transmission efficiency, without leaks, in order to protect Environment. 

In fact, high toxicity or corrosive row materials required perfect proofness coupling for pumps, agitators...

That's why more and more magnetic couplings are used for satisfy Environment and security requierements.High torque transmission is perfectly realized, and free wear! If maximum torque is exceeded, the coupling release the kinematic chain, protecting in case of overload.

Remember that with magnetic coupling systems, power transmission is made without mechanical link between input shaft (driveshaft) and output shatf (pumpshaft). There isn't pump shaft dynamic tightness turning sour as time goes by and so little maintenability.

With its large variety of products, the LED Company adapt any magnetic coupling for all technology (gear-type pump, piston pump,screw-type pump, vane-type pump...) and brand (BOSCH REXROTH HYDROMATIK, SAM HYDRAULIC, ALLWEILLER, ROTARY POWER, KRACHT...) of pump.

Taille 27Taille 45Taille 60Taille 75Taille 110Taille 135Taille 160

1 Nm

4 Nm 7 Nm 10 Nm 22 Nm 85 Nm 140 Nm
2 Nm 8 Nm 14 Nm 20 Nm 50 Nm 135 Nm 200 Nm
22 Nm 30 Nm 80 Nm 180 Nm 275 Nm
40 Nm 365 Nm

Specific executions are possible too in order to response in optimal way at installation specificities.montagesLED02


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