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The flexibility of LED engineering allows us :

TAILOR-MADE TO YOUR PRODUCTION SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS : LED builds its machines to comply with current standards and meet your specific requirements :

   - Careful choice of the sub-assemblies incorporated,

   - Your existing equipments integrated,

   - Dimensions can be adapted tomeet specific conditions,

   - We can design a standard machine for you,

   - Metering units can be adapted to use different process : Pentane blowing, foam gaz-loading

 ... and of course, the integrating and the coordination with your production plants.

CLOSE CONTACT WITH CUSTOMERS : LED maintains continuous, close contact with polyurethane foam users. It makes a special point of listening to their needs and problems :

   - Advice on optimising the customer's use of its stock of machines,

   - Regular visits to the customer's sites,

   - Training in the use and maintenance of foam production units

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