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PostHeaderIcon LED high pressure polyurethane foaming units

From the beginning, LED was involved in solving production and maintenance problems for polyurethane converters. To best reduce and eliminate these limits to productivity, and in response to our customers’ express requests, we developed our own range of high pressure polyurethane injection machines.

Our designs provide an intelligent answer to all your problems.
LED puts forward a standard line of high pressure foaming units adapted to most polyurethane process and to needs expressed by the customers using PUR foams. Also, the hardiness and the modularity, as well as the simplicity of use, allow their integration in any type of industrial environment.


  • Reliability :
    • Our polyurethane foam machines have for many years proved extremely reliable at high production rates over long periods of time.
  • Independence :
    • Our machines are made using parts readily available in the trade.
    • They have programmable controllers and commercially available touch screens. The customer is given access and source codes.
  • Efficiency :
    • Leading edge technology is used to give optimum mix quality and dosing.
  • Ergonomics :
    • The touch screen graphic interface gives access to all processing parameters.
    • The structure and subassemblies have been designed to facilitate maintenance operations. (e.g. the time for changing pumps is halved…)
    • All subassemblies in the machine are visible and readily accessible.
  • No pollution :
    • Product circuits have been specially designed to ensure they are leak-proof.
    • Well-sited, independent, removable drip pans collect accidental overflows during maintenance operations.
  • Flexibility :
    • Our feeds are suitable for all processes using polyurethane foam injection.
  • Safety :
    • When designing our equipment we regularly consult the competent inspection authorities to ensure the machines can be used without risk and are in full compliance with current standards.


LED units are equiped with manual output adjusting for each product or with frequency deviation and pumps flow control in closed loop using flowmeters. Programmable logic controller and touch screen are dedicated to display and adjust the process parameters.

Moreover, any options are available in order to optimizing the efficiency, and specific requirements will be traited by our design office.


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