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Today, increasing using of polyurethane foams, especially in automotive sector, for its physical chemistry proprieties, its versatility and its conditioning potential, each LED foaming system is optimized, as well as technically than economically.



Of course, LED Company put forward multiple-station foaming solutions for all industrial process using polyurethane:


 -         The “multiple-head” metering, where each mould carrier is equipped with itself injection head, and where shunting of the reaction products is controlled by the metering unit PLC which drive LED electro-pneumatic seatvalves functions of operators orders pilling up.

-         The “robot” metering, where only one injection head loaded on, allows to cast/pour on many foaming station. Unit process cycle stay the same.



In order to response the best at our customers’ requirements, as well as fabrication process, production confines, than geometric, spatial, safety confines… LED company inserts their production systems (fixed mould carrier, translating, carrousel, robot, distribution outfit…) in association with yours production, maintenance, quality departments.





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